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Designed by アルマ01@aem01 for his own daughteru, the combat hoodie was brought to the real world by Cujo and now being produced by Sankami Heavy Industries under collaboration with Kanzaki Light Industry.

Recommended Use:
The AEM01 Combat Hoodie is made mainly with composite polar fleece softshell fabric and koti fabric as well as 500 Cordura for partial reinforcements, providing maximum maneuverability while being cold and wind-resistant, making the hoodie the best companion for any tactical rig/plate carrier.

Sleeve/Hoodie: composite polar fleece softshell fabric
Main Body: Koti Fabric
Elbow/Sleeve Collar/Brim: 500 Cordura
Shoulder Pocket Zipper: YKK #5 RC Waterproof Zipper
Main Zipper: YKK#5 Nylon Zipper

Limited in stock
Please note this product only include the combat hoodie, anything else in the product image are only for demonstration purpose.

KLI X AEM01 Combat Hoodie (Limited Stock: 8)